Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Buddhist Jesus Tees

I had to redesign my original Buddhist Jesus depiction, I was not satisfied with the classic "White" archetypal look that I gave him. White Supremacists have perpetuated the Caucasian depiction of Christ for centuries. Inadvertently, I contributed to the madness by designing him as an albino Christ wearing the Buddha's garment. Evidently, the mass programming of the image of Jesus as a "White" man has fallen deeply within the subconscious minds of all races, not just the Blacks. I firmly believe that these new designs fully delineates the possible appearance of the King of Kings, since he was born in the Middle East supposedly.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


This may become a graphic print series, who knows? Only time will tell... in the meanwhile, I will be compiling a plethora of this sort of imagery into a sketchbook one day. It will not consist of designs such as this but it will convey sketches of beautiful enigmatic figurines of humanoid goddesses and extraterrestrials. I must warn you, the content of the book will be very... explicit, *grins seductively*.

Friday, January 31, 2014

God in the Cube "Kabbalah" or "Kaaba Allah"

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Everything is Energy

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Understanding 'All is One & One is All' from Several Different Perspectives

1) Physical Perspective:

In order to live I must kill, survival of the fittest. If I'm hungry in the wilderness then I must find prey that I can kill so I can eat them in order to survive a little longer. But whatever prey I devour becomes me once I've eaten it. Not only it becomes me but I become it as well. I shall continue this process until I'm eaten by a larger predator or die from natural causes. Once I die I will then become a part of the earth, my flesh will deteriorate and become nutrients for plants to flourish upon. By pondering this I can only conclude that All is One & One is All.

2) Metaphysical Perspective:

If I am conscious and my fellow man is conscious then this must mean that we all share a similar experience. If we're all sharing a similar experience together then this means that we're connected. We're connected for these reasons.. we are conscious, we are individuals, we are experiencing existence, and within this existence we experience it as a collective whole. If I see a bird that bird then becomes a part of me, for I am conscious of it. Once the bird realizes that I'm conscious of it, it will also become conscious of me. This creates a connection.. for we are conscious of each other, experiencing each other through the awareness of each other. Realizing this has only lead me to one conclusion, through One there is All and through All there is One. All is One & One is All.

3) Emotional Perspective:

When you're yelling at me I can feel your rage, when a mother hugs a child the child can feel her love, your words can either help or hurt me. Consequently, we're all interconnected in an emotional sense, sure we have a few individuals that may be more apathetic and a few that may be more empathetic. But this only shows us that our emotions can either benefit us or damage us and others. Just as one speaker's emotions can provoke the crowd's emotions.. it only takes One to move many. Thus, we are all one... All is One & One is All.

4) Spiritual Perspective:

Microcosmos and the Macrocosmos, what is above is also beneath.. and what is within is also without. If the universe is one body then within that one body must be one mind and within both is one soul, it's the reflection of man. Man being the microcosmos and the universe being the macrocosmos. A common underlying principle that applies to all things is that the universe is all but is also one, hence the term "uni-verse". Duality is it's function and stability, without light there cannot be dark and without life there cannot be death. Within 2 there is 1 and within 1 there is all. All is One & One is All.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Universal Knowledge Cover [Decoded]

In this video, I explain the symbolism and meaning of the cover art for my first full length album entitled "Universal Knowledge" in a concise but pithy manner.

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Baphomet Decoded (Partially)

The depiction of the Baphomet consists of an androgynous goat-headed entity with it's right arm pointing up and the left arm pointing down. The Baphomet is an abhorrent looking creature... but it's ugly appearance is symbolic of our lowered state of consciousness. In the center of it's abdominal region is the Caduceus aka "The Staff of Hermes" which is symbolic of the kundalini force and our DNA. The Baphomet's arms facing opposing directions is representative of duality. It's head symbolizes our beastly awareness which is associated with our lower chakras... "Muladhara", "Svadishthana", & "Manipura".

The Baphomet's sitting on a globe which is indicative of it's relevance to the earth realm. It's head is the reverse pentagram in the occult, at the top of the positive pentagram is the first and purest element, Spirit. Satanists and other dark occultists reversed the positive pentagram so that the denser elements could be placed above the thinner elements.

There's a positive pentagram on it's forehead which to me, is somewhat symbolic of the inner truth of it's guise. I see it this way because the Baphomet's head itself is the reverse (negative) pentagram and with the positive pentagram being located in it's center is like another esoteric example of duality. 

The Hermetic aphorisms, "As above so beneath" & "As within so without" is what the Baphomet perpetuates in this illustration. 

But I've only unveiled a minuscule fraction of meaning of this depiction, there's much more meaning within it... 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The American Penny, Dime, & Nickel Decoded

American coins are much more symbolic than they appear.

The penny and dime are the same size but the dime has more value than the penny. This is symbolic of the "Black" man being lesser than the white man in rank but equivalent in size... because the white man see's the black man as his shadow. Someone who would always be behind him and insignificant.

The nickel, on the other hand is symbolic of the Native American. Because the white man see's the Native as a chief, the owner of the land he wishes to have for himself. So the white man gave the Native a bigger coin that has more value than the penny (Black Man) because he is sovereign while the black man is enslaved. But the nickel (Native American) is lesser than the dime (White Man). 

The dime has copper lining in it's side, this is symbolic of the white man allowing the "Black" man to have the privilege to even be estimated as a quantity, for the "Black" man is only 3/5th of a person. 


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Friday, August 23, 2013

The True Orgasm

Orgasms are cool and all but a true orgasm is an everlasting one of indefinite indescribable bliss and ecstasy with your lover.

An Orgasm = A sensational and blissful release of sexual tension and stress that only lasts for a couple of seconds.
A True Orgasm = An indefinite and indescribable sensation of pure radiating bliss and ecstasy that can last for hours up to days and weeks.

When two lovers climax at the same exact time and reach a True Orgasm they both can remain in eternal indescribable bliss. Especially if they stay connected physically and just lay there with one another. This immaculate sensation of ecstasy is so potent that both lovers can lose their breath and enter into an incomprehensible sense of being.

Friday, August 16, 2013

The 7 Chakras, Planets, & Alchemical Metals

7) Sahasrara "Crown" - Planet: Sol (Sun) | Metal: Gold
6) Ajna "Third Eye/Mind's Eye" - Planet: Luna (Moon) | Metal: Silver
5) Vishuddha "Throat" - Planet: Venus | Metal: Copper
4) Anahata "Heart/Thymus" - Planet: Mars | Metal: Iron
3) Manipura "Liver/Navel/Solar Plexis" - Planet: Jupiter | Metal: Tin
2) Svadishthana "Genitals/Sacral" - Planet: Mercury | Metal: Mercury
1) Muladhara "Base of the Spine" - Planet: Saturn | Metal: Lead

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Elites Use the Number 13 for the Illusion of Balance

Now it's time to decode why the Elites use the number 13. The Elites know that 13 is the transgressor number... the number that balances Good & Evil. They use it frequently and encourage the masses to be fearful of the number from silly superstitious tales.  

Satan's number is 6 God's number is 7 The reason why Satan is 6 is because he's lower than God. 6 is worldly and 7 is divinity, beyond this world.
Okay, so if 6 is Satan's number and Satan is lower than God. The stories say that he was kicked out of Heaven and fell to earth. So it makes sense for him to be associated with this world, our world... Earth, the physical plane is the lower world. 7 is over 6, common sense right? Like I explained it before in the other tweet, now let's move on so we can make sense of all this. 

The Elites take the two numbers 6 & 7 to get 13. 6+7 = 13 6 = Satan, Evil, Confusion & Ignorance 7 = God, Love, Understanding & Wisdom

So, if they are using the basic function of duality to balance good & evil. How come the world is so unbalanced? Simple... They use 13 (Balance) as an illusion of balance. For example: The U.S.'s justice system... The U.S.'s justice system gives off the illusion of balance with laws and punishments for crimes. It gives off the illusion because in actuality the overseers of the justice system have ulterior motives rather than "justice". Just look at the Trayvon Martin case for example... yall see how that went right? That alone should have at least waken you up a little. They give us the illusion of freedom when in actuality we are slaves. This illusion alone keeps everyone within the system at bay. All because it "seems" balanced. 

So therefore 13 is their number. The number of balance that's being covertly used to cause the Earth unbalance while their system remains.

The Beast is Man in an unaware state of true wisdom, knowledge of the higher realms and with animalistic behavior (feeding their desires). Which is why they keep us in worldy things and materialism.

The All Seeing Eye is Your Mind's Eye or Third Eye

The All Seeing Eye on the back of the dollar bill is The Eye of Horus... God's Eye, for God see's all. Since the All Seeing Eye is the Cap Stone of the pyramid, the pyramid represents your body sitting in Indian style during meditation.


Meditation activates/stimulates your 3rd Eye which is the All Seeing Eye.

The Cap Stone = Your Pineal Gland or Mind's Eye... which is the All Seeing Eye. The Pyramid = Your body in the sitting meditation position. 

The pineal is the cap stone of your pyramid & the pyramid is the lower body.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Illumination EP

I am proud to say that I am very satisfied with my life right now. I'm fully in tuned with the potent cosmic energies of the universe and this enables me to receive infinite amounts of knowledge and wisdom through self-evident universal lessons that occur to me everyday, every second, and every minute. Learning is infinite and creativity is infinite. The overall focus and omniversal lesson for me this year has been "Duality". Duality is the very foundation of all existence for one cannot exist without the other. The universe contradicts itself while simultaneously agreeing with itself. It may be hard and confusing to most to understand that everything in existence can only exist with a polar opposite, but when you start to observe your life and how everything works on a very deep and profound level, information starts flooding your mind. Both compromising info and contradicting info. This leads me to how random life can be, while at the same time it isn't random for everything happens for a reason. I didn't plan on making another EP this year but the universe has it's ways of making me do things I originally didn't intend on doing. But all is good and I'm happy that it gave me an opportunity to help open others' minds to the endless possibilities of life and help illuminate/enlighten them from their darkness/blindness.

Download the free EP http://sub-versatile.bandcamp.com/album/illumination-ep

Thursday, March 14, 2013

"Sepiroth" [Exclusive Single] Drops Thursday 3/21!

I am proud to announce that the sequel to my first album "Universal Knowledge" is now in production. 6 tracks off the album are somewhat complete and this album will be dropping sometime next year in 2014. I'm choosing to release each single from the album over a period of 6 months each so, next week, "Sepiroth" will be available on my Soundcloud & Bandcamp pages and in September, the next single will be released. Then after that, the third single will drop in March of next year. From Universal Knowledge comes Universal Wisdom, and from Universal Wisdom comes Universal Love and comprehension. Soon we will discuss the meaning behind the goddess that's on both album covers and clarify who she is and what she represents in future posts. Namaste!